Massive public mobilisation is required for us to do anything of consequence in the fight against climate change at this point. And I feel the public is not sufficiently informed or worried about this pertinent issue today because of a huge gap in climate change communication.

- Neelima Vallangi, a person who loves living on a beautiful, habitable earth.

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Why am I doing this?

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“Climate Matters” is a 100% reader funded publication and a voluntary effort from my side.

This newsletter is one of my efforts to make climate science, the many complicated concepts of climate change and associated politics, economics, social implications etc accessible to the general public, especially with a focus on India. Indian media at the moment is terribly falling short of reporting and informing the public on this crisis. 

Over the past many months, I’ve been involved in working on documentary film on climate change and climate journalism. I have also been doing online outreach on climate change topics on social media for my audience. I have also been featured by VogueMongabay IndiaThe Kathmandu Post for my climate change related work and was recently recognized as a Young Climate Leader by India Climate Collaborative for my work on climate change communication.

And who exactly am I?

I am Neelima Vallangi, a freelance writer & photographer from India, whose stories and images have appeared in reputed national and international publications such as BBC,, Al Jazeera English, National Geographic Traveller India, The Hindu, HT Mint, Indian Express etc. With a keen interest in nature and mountain ecosystems, I specialise in offering in-depth features and unique stories from the Himalayan region. It is safe to say I enjoy purposefully getting lost in the mountains and going to faraway corners where Google Maps fail.

Deeply inspired by the many months spent among the lofty peaks of Himalayas over the last decade, the unprecedented changes taking place in the high mountains moved me to start covering the repercussions of climate change. I have worked extensively in the harsh environments of high altitude Himalayas over the course of my career as a travel writer & photographer. I currently build on that formative experience to report on the emerging challenges of climate change and associated environmental and well as cultural shifts in these least reported regions. My writing portfolio can be seen here - and photography portfolio here - Virtually, I can be found as @nvallangi on Twitter and @neelimav on Instagram. 

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