We need to focus on climate realism

The climate is changing, and we may have participated, but we don’t have a climate emergency.

The west should extract itself from the Climate emergency hoax and ban wind and solar and move as quickly as possible to nuclear via natural gas etc.

EVs are also a fantasy that should be defunded and taxed.

The focus should be on productivity and prosperity and some adaption to a naturally warming planet.

This will take strong leadership which so far is sadly lacking.

I base my position on the science and the impact of policy.

Its clear that as far as climate change is concerned its about 25 items down the list of things we should focus upon.

The climate change is mainly natural, and its mostly not us.

The whole climate emergency hoax is moving fast toward the danger zone of directing lifestyle choices.

How we travel, How we heat our homes, How we cook, What we eat….very soon its going to mean population control!.

And all of it driving down prosperity with NetZero policies that clearly avoid any discussion against the false consensus, while many scientists dispute this “climate emergency” position and declare that the NetZero journey is unnecessary, technologically unattainable, and economically unviable.

We need to look at both sides of the scientific debate before we accept what we are being told by the media and governments and climate alarmists and before we get committed to unbalanced policies that will commit the next generation to low prosperity for no good reason.

More at… Take Back Manufacturing – Climate Realism (brainzmagazine.com)


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Super informational! Thank you

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